Hoyoul Jung

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In the context of multimedia and hypermedia systems, the aspect of including mobile links to a stationary infrastructure and the use of mobile data terminals are gaining increasingly in importance. The current advancements of hardware, software, and telecommunications technology allow multimedia systems to be implemented in mobile environments.(More)
The factors limiting the efficient delivery and presentation of multimedia material in the cellular environment are, among others, the low bandwidth of the transmission channel(s) and the modest capabilities of truly mobile terminals. The ACTS1 project MObile Media and ENTertainment Services (MOMENTS) is leveraging the usage of state-of-the-art techniques(More)
Continuous-time semi-Markovian jump neural networks (semi-MJNNs) are those MJNNs whose transition rates are not constant but depend on the random sojourn time. Addressing stochastic synchronization of semi-MJNNs with time-varying delay, an improved stochastic stability criterion is derived in this paper to guarantee stochastic synchronization of the(More)
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