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This paper presents a new method for carbon nanotube based gas sensing. Instead of sensing the gas directly, the gas molecules are first ionized and then the ionized molecules are sensed by the single carbon nanotube based ion sensor. The adsorption of ionized gas molecule on the carbon nanotube surface introduces electrons into the material and(More)
Human pulse replication is an emerging technology that enables telediagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. However, soft actuation with multi-frequency tracking capability is in great need for replicating human pulse signal. Dielectric elastomer (DE) is one type of soft actuating materials, which shows great potential in human pulse replication. In this(More)
With the maturing design of microelectrical mechanism systems, the metrology for MEMS is becoming the hot research in the microsystem technology. In this paper, we used the sum-modified-Laplacian (SML) focus measure and depth estimation method to measure the tip deflection of a thermally actuated polymer microrobotic actuator. Twenty-three under-water(More)
This paper reports on the construction of the computer Micro vision system to measure the displacement of the micro robotic gripper. Sum-Modified-Laplacian based focus measure is used in region of interest of microscopic images, which may be used as focus measure. We got the value of the displacement using estimation method with the value of focus measure.
This paper describes the structural and thermal model of a thermally actuated polymer micro robotic gripper. The basic structure for the gripper is a trimorph thermal actuator with a platinum metal heater encapsulated by parylene C polymer layers. Due to the large difference of thermal expansion coefficients of the different layers, the actuator can be(More)
This paper reports on the construction of the computer Micro vision system to manipulate the biological cells based on micro robotic gripper. SumModified. Laplacian based focus measure is used in microscopic images for the pulpose of visual Servo. Visible method can be utilized in the manipulation of Biological cells.
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