Howard Yee

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Small, extraportal, hepatic parenchymal cells, positive for biliary-type cytokeratins, may represent hepatic stem cells, canals of Hering (CoH), and/or ductal plate remnants. We evaluated these cells 3 dimensionally in normal human liver and massive necrosis. Tissues from normal human livers and from 1 liver with acetaminophen-induced massive necrosis were(More)
We describe the 'WiggleZ' spectroscopic survey of 280,000 star-forming galaxies selected from a combination of GALEX ultraviolet and SDSS + RCS2 optical imaging. The fundamental goal is a detection of the baryonic acoustic oscillations in galaxy clustering at high-redshift (0.5 < z < 1) and a precise measurement of the equation of state of dark energy from(More)
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