Howard Wessel

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The ability of a novel intranasally delivered amnion cell derived biologic to suppress inflammation, prevent neuronal damage and preserve neurologic function in the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis animal model of multiple sclerosis was assessed. Currently, there are no existing optic nerve treatment methods for disease or trauma that result in(More)
A 45-year-old chemical worker (exposure to vinyl chloride: 500-1612 mg VC/m3 over 248 months) fell ill with a haemangiosarcoma of the liver. This is the first case observed in workers exposed to VC in East Germany. We did not succeed in making the definite histological diagnosis until after the patient's death. The first pathological findings were revealed(More)
BACKGROUND The excessive storage of cellular debris in the lysosomal storage disorders triggers a variety of cellular responses. Some of these responses are maladaptative and result in the pathology of these diseases. To some extent, cellular responses are specific to the stored material, which influences the pathophysiology of the disease and results in(More)
The sensitivity of the dipyridamole test was examined with the double-blind crossover technique in 30 patients with 2 or 3 coronary vessels disease, treatment-refractory stable angina and positive exercise ECG tests. On two successive days, according to a randomized code, patients received either 0.5 mg/kg dipyridamole or a placebo, both given(More)