Howard W. Jones

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The study compared young and old intellectually superior individuals (mean ages 22.8 and 68.8) on Brown-Peterson memory tasks. Each trial required recall of four words following 15 seconds of backward counting, with a final recognition test for words in a 4-trial block. Each person participated in a switch and nonswitch condition of a Wickens(More)
The formation of endometrial pinopodes detected by scanning electron microscopy may be a specific marker for uterine receptivity. Aiming to assess the effects of ovarian stimulation on pinopode formation, we examined sequential endometrial biopsies from 17 oocyte donors. Seven normally menstruating women served as controls. Up to four samples were taken(More)
The relationship between the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis and the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis has been well documented in the rat. In most cases, a negative coupling was observed and an inhibitory effect of the HPA axis upon the HPG was shown. In the female rat, a marked circadian rhythm of corticosterone plasma values is observed(More)
BACKGROUND In human oocytes, as in other mammalian ova, there is a significant variation in the pregnancy potential, with approximately 20% of oocyte-sperm meetings resulting in pregnancies. This frequency of successful fertilization decreases as the oocytes age. This low proportion of fruitful couplings appears to be influenced by changes in mitochondrial(More)
There is no national law in the United states concerning the number of embryos that can be transferred into the uterus following fertilization in vitro. However, the American Fertility society (AFs) (later the American society for Reproductive Medicine) (AsRM) first referred to a limitation of numbers to transfer in 1994 (ethics Committee, American(More)
OBJECTIVES It has been well-documented that serum melatonin levels are insensitive to estrous or menstrual ovarian steroid variations in the female rat or the human. However, a negative coupling has been already demonstrated between the nocturnal serum melatonin peak and serum E2 concentration during the late premenopausal period in the woman. The objection(More)
OBJECTIVES A strong positive coupling has been already documented between the adrenocortical axis and the gonadal axis at the time of the initiation of the preovulatory LH surge of the menstrual cycle in the human. The LH preovulatory surge starts in the morning at the time of the acrophase (maximal plasma cortisol values) of the cortisol circadian rhythm.(More)
OBJECTIVES In order to determine the exact pattern of plasma Substance P (SP) concentration during the LH preovulatory surge and the functional correlates which could exist between plasma SP, LH, 17 beta-estradiol (E2) and Progesterone, we performed a detailed analysis of changes in plasma SP concentration, during the critical phases of the LH preovulatory(More)
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