Howard Tripp

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During the last decade the Internet has faced an architectural stagnation due to lack of wide scale adoption of new communication protocols. A significant reason for non-adoption is that the conflicting interests of networked stakeholders involved in the diffusion process are not understood or taken into account during the protocol development. This paper(More)
—Since dynamic wireless networks evolve over time, optimal routing computations need to be performed frequently on time-varying network topologies. However, it is often infeasible or expensive to gather the current state of links for the entire network all the time. We provide a thorough analytical characterization of the effect of various link-state(More)
A new family of "Distribution Replacement" operators for use in steady state genetic algorithms is presented. Distribution replacement enforces the members of the population to conform to an arbitrary statistical distribution, defined by its Cumulative Distribution Frequency, relative to the current best individual. As new superior individuals are(More)
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