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A 34-year-old man presented with fever, weight loss, paresthesia, abdominal pain, and hypertension. He had hepatitis B antigenemia, with negative antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody, antinuclear antibody, and antiglomerular basement membrane serology results. Renal arteriography showed multiple intrarenal microaneurysms. In spite of therapy with antiviral(More)
Forty-six patients with herpes zoster were randomised into two groups treated with DMSO alone and 5 percent IDU in DMSO, provided that treatment started within 48 hours of the appearance of a rash. In the IDU group the interval before pain improved was significantly shorter than in the control DMSO group, and significantly fewer new vesicles developed at(More)
A case of a 3 1/2 year old female child is described in which symptomless cutaneous xanthomatosis led to the diagnosis of sitosterolaemia in the presence of a defect of low-density lipoprotein uptake by cultured fibroblasts. The condition responded to treatment by cholestyramine with normalisation of the blood lipid levels. Normal growth and development(More)