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OBJECTIVE To develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for interventional techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic spinal pain. METHODOLOGY Systematic assessment of the literature. EVIDENCE I. Lumbar Spine • The evidence for accuracy of diagnostic selective nerve root blocks is limited; whereas for lumbar provocation discography,(More)
Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) was detected in morphologically normal lobules adjacent to breast cancers. The most frequent aberration was at chromosome 3p22-25; of ten cases with this LOH in the carcinoma, six displayed the same LOH in adjacent normal lobules. This suggests that in a subset of sporadic breast cancers, a tumor suppresser gene at 3p22-25 may(More)
We have used culture conditions which simulate the microenvironment of breast tumors for the isolation and propagation of primary breast tumor cells in vitro. In this monolayer setup, the mixture of cells dissociated from primary breast tumors is subjected to self-created gradients of oxygen and nutrients as well as metabolic waste and extracellular pH. The(More)
Comparative genomic hybridization was applied to 5 breast cancer cell lines and 33 primary tumors to discover and map regions of the genome with increased DNA-sequence copy-number. Two-thirds of primary tumors and almost all cell lines showed increased DNA-sequence copy-number affecting a total of 26 chromosomal subregions. Most of these loci were distinct(More)
We illustrate the use of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) for analysis of ERBB2 oncogene copy number, the level of amplification (here defined as the ratio of ERBB2 copy number to copy number of chromosome 17 centromeres), and the distribution of amplified genes in breast cancer cell lines and uncultured primary breast carcinomas. The relative(More)
BACKGROUND The evidence-based practice guidelines for the management of chronic spinal pain with interventional techniques were developed to provide recommendations to clinicians in the United States. OBJECTIVE To develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for interventional techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic spinal pain,(More)
Various forms of distant healing (DH), including prayer and "psychic healing," are widely practiced, but insufficient formal research has been done to indicate whether such efforts actually affect health. We report on a double-blind randomized trial of DH in 40 patients with advanced AIDS. Subjects were pair-matched for age, CD4+ count, and number of(More)
We characterized two human cell lines (Hs578T and Hs578Bst), which provide several unique features that should be useful in the study of breast disease. Hs578T, derived from a carcinosarcoma, is epithelial in origin. Hs578Bst, established from normal tissue peripheral to the tumor, is myoepithelial in origin. This is the first report of companion cell(More)
Three types of normal human cells were selected in tissue culture with three drugs without observing a single amplification event from a total of 5 x 10(8) cells. No drug-resistant colonies were observed when normal foreskin keratinocytes were selected with N-(phosphonacetyl)-L-aspartate or with hydroxyurea or when normal mammary epithelial cells were(More)