Howard Skogman

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Escherichia coli fed-batch cultivations at 22 m3 scale were compared to corresponding laboratory scale processes and cultivations using a scale-down reactor furnished with a high-glucose concentration zone to mimic the conditions in a feed zone of the large bioreactor. Formate accumulated in the large reactor, indicating the existence of oxygen limitation(More)
OF THE DISSERTATION Jacobi Forms over Number Fields by Howard Skogman Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics University of California San Diego, 1999 Professor Harold Stark, Chair We de ne Jacobi Forms over an algebraic number eld K and construct examples by rst embedding the group and the space into the symplectic group and the symplectic upper half space(More)
We use Jacobi theta functions to construct examples of Jacobi forms over number fields. We determine the behavior under modular transformations by regarding certain coefficients of the Jacobi theta functions as specializations of symplectic theta functions. In addition, we show how sums of those Jacobi theta functions appear as a single coefficient of a(More)
We use the relationship between Jacobi forms and vector-valued modular forms to study the Fourier expansions of Jacobi forms of indexes p, p2, and pq for distinct odd primes p, q. Specifically, we show that for such indexes, a Jacobi form is uniquely determined by one of the associated components of the vector-valued modular form. However, in the case of(More)
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