Howard S. Taylor

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Three novel nonlinear parameter estimators are devised and implemented for accurate and fast processing of experimentally measured or theoretically generated time signals of arbitrary length. The new techniques can also be used as powerful tools for diagonalization of large matrices that are customarily encountered in quantum chemistry and elsewhere. The(More)
The dispersed fluorescence spectrum of the ground electronic state of thiophosgene, SCCl2, is analyzed in a very complex region of vibrational excitation, 7000-9000 cm(-1). The final result is that most of the inferred excited vibrational levels are assigned in terms of approximate constants of the motion. Furthermore, each level is associated with a rung(More)
In semiclassical theories for chaotic systems, such as Gutzwiller’s periodic orbit theory, the energy eigenvalues and resonances are obtained as poles of a non-convergent series g(w) =∑n An exp(isnw). We present a general method for the analytic continuation of such a non-convergent series by harmonic inversion of the ‘time’ signal, which is the Fourier(More)
A.C. Gore a J. Balthazart b D. Bikle c D.O. Carpenter d D. Crews e P. Czernichow f E. Diamanti-Kandarakis g R.M. Dores h D. Grattan i P.R. Hof j A.N. Hollenberg k C. Lange l A.V. Lee m J.E. Levine n R.P. Millar o R.J. Nelson p M. Porta q M. Poth r D.M. Power s G.S. Prins t E.C. Ridgway u E.F. Rissman v J.A. Romijn w P.E. Sawchenko x P.D. Sly y O. Söder z(More)
Semiclassical eigenenergies and resonances are obtained from classical periodic orbits by harmonic inversion of Gutzwiller’s semiclassical recurrence function, i.e., the trace of the propagator. Applications to the chaotic three disk scattering system and, as a mathematical model, to the Riemann zeta function demonstrate the power of the technique. The(More)
An alternative method for obtaining high and interior eigenvalues of a dense spectrum is presented. The method takes advantage of the accurate, well-tested and fully understood algorithms for the fast Fourier transform to create, in a natural manner, a ‘window’ containing only a small number of eigenvalues of the spectrum. The method is easy to implement,(More)
Highly resolved recurrence spectra are obtained by harmonic inversion of quantum spectra of classically chaotic systems and compared in detail to the results of semiclassical periodic orbit and closed orbit theory. Our analysis is sensitive to separate orbits with nearly degenerate recurrence periods and uncovers complex (“ghost”) orbits even when they are(More)
We present a scaling technique to analyze quantum spectra, i.e., to obtain from quantum calculations detailed information about the underlying important classical motions. The method can be applied to a general quantum system without a classical scaling property. A demonstration on the conventionally unassignable vibrational spectrum of the HO2 radical(More)
Dž. Belkić,†,| P. A. Dando,† J. Main,‡ H. S. Taylor,*,† and S. K. Shin§,⊥ Department of Chemistry, UniVersity of Southern California, Los Angeles, California 90089-0482, USA, Department of Medical Radiation Physics, Karolinska Institute, P.O. Box 260, S-17176, Stockholm Sweden, Institut für Theoretische Physik und Synergetik, UniVersität Stuttgart, D-70550(More)