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Students in grades four through twelve from fourteen schools learned to build their own immersive virtual environments (VEs). This required them to decide on the theme of their VE, to determine what objects to place in it and what behaviors these objects would exhibit, to model their objects using CAD software, to specify the form and function of the VE for(More)
important project would not have been possible. Gail Hill and Annette Marquez, DOE, were instrumental in taking the lead on the project and ensuring the necessary funding and contracting were in place to initiate work. Dr. Deans of the Pawnee Natural History Society provided invaluable insight into the Preble's meadow jumping mouse and other important(More)
1. Abstract Manning's roughness coefficient for flow over bare soil is needed in order to determine other hydraulic parameters such as flow depth and velocity in overland flow, parameters needed to calculate streampower and shear stress in erosion process studies. A modified equation of Manning's n was developed to estimate flow velocity in shallow overland(More)
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