Howard Robert Chivers

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This paper was provided as technical input to the gap analysis of the UK escience programme, March 2003. The paper outlines generic requirements for security in grid systems and the problems that are often cited with current grid software. It is argued that these issues can be resolved by the federation of both users and resources. This concept of(More)
Risk has always motivated security in general terms; both assurance and IT governance approaches to security begin with a focus on risk, but the connection between risk and technical security is soon lost. As a result it is usually impossible to quantify the value of security features, or give metrics for the value of a security design compared to(More)
The aggregation of personal attributes into user profiles is a significant privacy concern. Existing attribute management systems support the controlled release of attributes and unlinkability between session protocols, but do not address the problem that attributes distributed in this way may be data-mined for features that allow user profiles to be(More)
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