Howard R. Turtle

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-This paper discusses the two major query evaluation strategies used in large text retrieval systems and analyzes the performance of these strategies. We then discuss several optimization techniques that can be used to reduce evaluation costs and present simulation results to compare the performance of these optimization techniques when evaluating natural(More)
Network representations have been used in information retrieval since at least the early 1960’s. Networks have been used to support diverse retrieval functions, including browsing [38], document clustering [7], spreading activation search [4], support for multiple search strategies [11], and representation of user knowledge [27] or document content [40].(More)
Both phrases and Boolean queries have a long history in information retrieval, particularly in commercial systems. In previous work, Boolean queries have been used as a source of phrases for a statistical retrieval model, This work, like the majority of research on phrases, resulted in little improvement in retrieval effectiveness, In this paper, we(More)
The results of experiments comparing the relative performance of natural language and Boolean query formulations are presented. The experiments show that on average a current generation natural language system provides better retrieval performance than expert searchers using a Boolean retrieval system when searching full-text legal materials. Methodological(More)
Many retrieval models have been proposed as the basis of text retrieval systems. The three main classes that have been investigated are the exact-match, vector space and probabilistic models. The retrieval effectiveness of strategies based on these models has been evaluated experimentally, but there has been little in the way of comparison in terms of their(More)
James Allan (editor), Jay Aslam, Nicholas Belkin, Chris Buckley, Jarnie Callan, Bruce Croft (editor), Sue Dumais, Norbert Fuhr, Donna Harman, David J. Harper, Djoerd Hiemstra, Thomas Hofmann, Eduard Hovy, Wessel Kraaij, John Lafferty, Victor Lavrenko, David Lewis, Liz Liddy, R. Manmatha, Andrew McCallum, Jay Ponte, John Prager, Dragomir Radev, Philip(More)