Howard R Schlossberg

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An investigation was made of a photoacoustic technique for determining the optical absorption coefficient in solids. A train of laser pulses was passed through the solid, and a piezoelectric transducer attached directly to the sample measured the amplitude of the elastic wave generated by the absorbed radiation. Calibration was performed at a wavelength of(More)
INTRODUCTION Enzastaurin is an oral serine/threonine kinase inhibitor that targets protein kinase C-beta (PKC-β) and the phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase/AKT pathway. This trial assessed pemetrexed-carboplatin ± enzastaurin to docetaxel-carboplatin in advanced non-small cell lung cancer. METHODS Patients with stage IIIB (with pleural effusion) or IV(More)
We report two cases of severe leg ulcerations in patients being treated with thalidomide for graft-versus-host disease following bone marrow transplantation. Local wound care and debridement were attempted, but one patient required skin grafting to ensure healing. We propose that this complication may be due to the antiangiogenic properties of thalidomide(More)
e20676 Background: Nausea (N), vomiting (V) remain distressing effects of chemotherapy. Prevalence of N, V in patients (pts) receiving daily (5/7) RT with weekly (wkly) doublet chemotherapy is not well studied. METHODS We used a modified Functional Living Index Emesis (FLIE) (Lindley and Mullin) to study N, V in pts receiving 2 chemotherapy agents with RT(More)
Many patients with thrombocytopenia require transfusion of platelet concentrates, and numerous factors may influence the observed response to transfusion. One factor gaining growing recognition in recent years is the consideration of the dose of platelets to administer. Review of the available data regarding the effect of platelet dose on transfusion(More)
  • Kim Luu, Afrl, +19 authors Stanford Bob Twiggs
  • 1999
A new way to perform space missions utilizes the concept of clusters of satellites that cooperate to perform the function of a larger, single satellite. Each smaller satellite communicates with the others and shares the processing, communications, and payload or mission functions. The required functionality is thus spread across the satellites in the(More)
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