Howard Owens

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This paper describes serial and parallel implementations of two different search techniques applied to the traveling salesman problem. A novel approach has been taken to parallelize simulated annealing and the results are compared with the traditional annealing algorithm. This approach uses abbreviated cooling schedule and achieves a superlinear speedup.(More)
The criminal behaviors of harassment and menacing are difficult to control, and of increasing concern to the general public and local law enforcement officials. In 1992, the New York State Legislature modified the Penal Law, responding to public fears and concerns that stalking behavior may become violent. Some persons charged with these types of offenses(More)
Twenty trial court judges were surveyed to determine what information they considered pertinent in psychiatric examinations for competence. These judges showed a clear understanding of what they were asking for in ordering the examinations but also showed a significant tendency to use the competency exam to advise them about other issues in addition (e.g.,(More)
Although semantic clarity is a cornerstone of scientific psychiatry, psychiatrists often use technical words with the false assumption that their meanings are clear. The common use of the terms "mood" and "affect" illustrates this point. The authors attempt to show how unclear definitions of these words have led to confusion and how they could be more(More)
Education and training provide psychotherapists with tools for self-awareness which help to prevent boundary violations. Corrections officers are not similarly equipped and therefore should not be held to the same standard, particularly when they are being subjected to abuse and intimidation. While it is important to understand gender-specific patterns(More)
  • H Owens
  • 1977
Cognitive disorganization limits a person's capacity to act voluntarily, because such action requires a significant degree of attention and comprehension. The compliance of a psychotic person who fails to understand his own actions may be construed by clinicans as voluntary behavior. This possible misuse of voluntary hospitalization is examined, and the(More)