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The IBM Streams Processing Language (SPL) is the programming language for IBM InfoSphere A Streams, a platform for analyzing Big Data in motion. By BBig Data in motion,[ we mean continuous data streams at high data-transfer rates. InfoSphere Streams processes such data with both high throughput and short response times. To meet these performance demands, it(More)
General-purpose streaming systems support diverse application domains with powerful and user-defined stream operators. Most general-purpose streaming systems have their own, non-XML, internal data representation. However, streaming input is often either a sequence of small XML documents, or a scan of a huge document. Prior work on XML streaming focuses on(More)
Data volumes are expected to double every two years over the next decade. The global economic slowdown is resulting in organizations seeking to become more nimble with their operations and more innovative with their decisions. In the face of exploding data volumes and shrinking batch time windows, these organizations are struggling to make 'true' real-time(More)
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