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Background: Therapies for aBCC, which includes metastatic (m) and locally advanced (la) BCC, are limited. Abnormal Hedgehog pathway signaling is a key driver in BCC pathogenesis. Primary analysis of the pivotal ERIVANCE BCC trial of vismodegib, an oral Hedgehog pathway inhibitor (HPI), demonstrated an objective response rate (ORR) by independent review of(More)
The phenotypically diverse neurones of the enteric nervous system are developmentally derived from precursors that migrate to the bowel from the vagal and sacral regions of the neuraxis. In order to gain insight into the generation of enteric neuronal diversity, we examined the expression of serotonin (5-HT), tyrosine hydroxylase and GABA in vitro. In the(More)
The thyroid parafollicular cell is an endocrine cell derived from the neural crest that stores 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT). In common with serotonergic neurons, but in contrast to 5-HT-storing cells that are not neurectodermal derivatives, parafollicular cells also contain a specific 5-HT binding protein. Despite this similarity to serotonergic neurons,(More)
We identify three properties of the standard oncology Phase I trial design or 3 + 3 design. We show that the standard design implicitly uses isotonic regression to estimate a maximum tolerated dose. We next illustrate the relationship between the standard design and a Bayesian design proposed by Ji et al. (2007). A slight modification to this Bayesian(More)
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