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We have identified the site of molecular interaction between nitric oxide (NO) and p21(ras) responsible for initiation of signal transduction. We found that p21(ras) was singly S-nitrosylated and localized this modification to a fragment of p21(ras) containing Cys118. A mutant form of p21(ras), in which Cys118 was changed to a serine residue and termed(More)
The effects of bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) on macrophage gene expression are mediated in part by its ability to induce activation of transcription factor NF-kappa B. We compared the ability of LPS-treated macrophages from Lpsn (LPS-responsive) C3H/HeN and Lpsd (LPS-hyporesponsive) C3H/HeJ mice to mobilize NF-kappa B by electrophoretic mobility shift(More)
— As the push towards electronic storage, publication, curation, and discoverability of research data collected in multiple research domains has grown, so too have the massive numbers of small to medium datasets that are highly distributed and not easily discoverable – a region of data that is sometimes referred to as the long tail of science. The rapidly(More)
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