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The Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND) (http://bind.ca) archives biomolecular interaction, reaction, complex and pathway information. Our aim is to curate the details about molecular interactions that arise from published experimental research and to provide this information, as well as tools to enable data analysis, freely to researchers(More)
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Air & Waste Management Association, this review examines the history of air quality management (AQM) in the United States over the last century, with an emphasis on the ambient standards programs established by the landmark 1970 Clean Air Act (CAA) Amendments. The current CAA system is a hybrid of several(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate small molecule binding site information for a protein can facilitate studies in drug docking, drug discovery and function prediction, but small molecule binding site protein sequence annotation is sparse. The Small Molecule Interaction Database (SMID), a database of protein domain-small molecule interactions, was created using structural(More)
A novel method for measuring protein pocket similarity was devised, using only the alpha carbon positions of the pocket residues. Pockets were compared pairwise using an exhaustive three-dimensional Calpha common subset search, grouping residues by physicochemical properties. At least five Calpha matches were required for each hit, and distances between(More)
UNLABELLED VISTRAJ is an application which allows 3D visualization, manipulation and editing of protein conformational space using probabilistic maps of this space called 'trajectory distributions'. Trajectory distributions serve as input to FOLDTRAJ which samples protein structures based on the represented conformational space. VISTRAJ also allows FOLDTRAJ(More)
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