Howard Hartley

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Respiration audiometry with a strain gauge writeout on a dynograph was attempted with 12 children aged 3 yrs 6 mo to 4 yrs 11 mo. Test signals were at 1 kc/s of 1 sec duration presented at the beginning of a respiratory cycle, from --10 to 40 db HL in 2 ascending series (test and retest). Both series could be completed on only 5 Ss, due to interruptive(More)
BACKGROUND This study sought to determine to what extent the 6-min walk (6MW) distance in advanced heart failure predicts aerobic capacity and provides comparable information regarding survival. Peak oxygen uptake ( VO(2)) and the 6MW both describe function and predict outcome over a wide range of heart failure, but their determinants and implications may(More)
Aortocaval compression may not be completely prevented by the supine wedged or tilted positions. It is commonly believed, however, that the unmodified full lateral position after induction of spinal anaesthesia might allow excessive spread of the block. We therefore compared baseline arterial pressures in the supine wedged, sitting, tilted and full lateral(More)
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