Howard Gospel

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This paper develops an organizational approach to corporate governance and assesses the effectiveness of corporate governance and implications for policy. Most corporate governance research focuses on a universal link between corporate governance practices (e.g., board structure, shareholder activism) and performance outcomes, but neglects how(More)
This article explores linkages between the firm’s financial structure, corporate governance, and the management of labor. It reviews various literatures, in particular drawing from Financial Economics, Industrial Relations, and Human Resource Management, to investigate a set of potential linkages. Two ideal types in terms of marketand relational-based(More)
The disclosure of information by management to employees varies significantly between workplaces. The effects of this variance on organizational performance are analysed using WERS98 data. The results show that the impact of information disclosure on organisational performance is more complex than is often assumed in the literature. Overall, there is a(More)
This paper contains evidence submitted on the DTI green paper 'High Performance Workplaces: The Role of Employee Involvement in a Modern Economy: A Discussion Paper'. This follows on the EU Directive establishing a General Framework for Informing and Consulting Employees. The comments proceed as follows. The first section places the development of(More)
Business history has traditionally tended to neglect the management of labor and has been primarily concerned with the commercial, organizational, and technological aspects of the firm. Individual company histories touch on labor relations briefly and almost as an aside, often dealing with only the most superficial aspects. Only in recent years have there(More)
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