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In order to determine the factors related to the occurrence of hypertension in diabetic patients, blood pressure distributions were determined, using standardised methods, in a sample of 5,842 patients attending ten diabetic clinics in the London area. After allowing for the influence of age and obesity, BPs tended to be higher in patients with(More)
Objective 1: Fundraise $10,000 for the Consumer Health Librarianship Award.  CAPHIS treasurer has placed $10,000 in a CD to fund it.  The MLA executive board approved CAPHIS funding request.  The membership committee chair is soliciting vendors to fund the Consumer Health Librarian of the Year endowment. Objective 1: Work with the Personal Health Record(More)
A hope and a prayer, and a healthy measure of innovative inspiration, makes Dohnavur a surprisingly archaic, but reassuringly effective hospital, despite the appalling shortage of funds and equipment. Rebekah Anderson and Helen Fuller spent the month of their student elective in southern India and here reveal some of the dental anachronisms they encountered.
Professor Champion English 525 1 November 2005 Enduring Values in Death of a Salesman BIFF. Are you content? HAPPY. Hell, no! (23) WILLY, small and alone. What—what's the secret? (92) LINDA. Just try to relax, dear. You make mountains out of molehills. (18) The protagonists in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman confront a problem modern audiences can(More)
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