Howard Frederick

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The objectives were to determine if strategic supplementation of range cows with a long-acting (6 mo), trace mineral, reticulorumen bolus containing Cu, Se, and Co would: (1) increase cow BCS and BW, and calf birth, weaning, and postweaning weights, or weight per day of age (WDA); (2) increase liver concentrations of Cu or Zn in cows, or blood Se, Cu, or Zn(More)
A 4-mo-old, juvenile roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus) presented for an acute and progressive lameness of the left hind limb, which was non-responsive to anti-inflammatory medication. The antelope was anesthetized for examination, radiography, and lab work. The left stifle joint had limited range of motion and was markedly swollen on physical examination.(More)
Aerial surveys are vital to assessing animal populations as part of an effort to understand ecosystem health, a primary component of social and economic development in rural regions of Africa. This paper describes the design, deployment and preliminary performance results of a mobile application that provides visual real-time feedback to assist cockpit(More)
A case of mucoid adenocarcinoma of the urachus demonstrated by ultrasonography, cystography, and computerized tomography is presented. The inhomogeneous, echogenic mass was confluent with the anterior--superior aspect of the bladder but was also associated with a fistula between the bladder and small intestine, a finding not previously reported.
The accuracy of chest computerized tomography (CT) in detecting malignant hilar and mediastinal involvement by squamous cell carcinoma of the lung is examined. The preoperative chest CT scans of 74 patients with pathologically proven squamous cell lung carcinoma were prospectively and retrospectively reviewed. Criteria for the diagnosis of malignant hilar(More)
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