Howard Feller

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In 322 males, 25 to 50 years of age, levels of LH and FSH respectively were determined in seminal plasma by radioimmunoassay. Average values of 0,78 ng/ml and 3.95 ng/ml were found as for FSH and LH respectively. Sperm count and mortality were not related to FSH levels, but were to LH levels. A high count of spermatozoa corresponded to high concentration of(More)
In an open investigation 20 patients with a history of chronic abacterial prostatitis (24 month duration) and of multiple therapies were treated by 0.07-0.15/kg Na-tartrate. Na-tartrate, a known inhibitor of the prostatic fraction of acid phosphatase in laboratory studies, was given orally for 12 weeks after dissolution in fluids and well tolerated. 13(More)
A group of 39 former dysentery patients, who continued to excrete Shigella bacteria after a first cure of antibiotics when full clinical recovery was obtained, were treated differentially under bacteriological control. The carrier state was still extent in 7% of the cases after three antibiotic or chemotherapeutical cures. No direct relation was found(More)