Howard Edwards

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When researchers make alterations to the genetic programming algorithm they almost invariably wish to measure the change in performance of the evolutionary system. No one specific measure is standard , but Koza's computational effort statistic is frequently used [8]. In this paper the use of Koza's statistic is discussed and a study is made of three methods(More)
This paper analyses the reliability of confidence intervals for Koza's computational effort statistic. First, we conclude that dependence between the observed minimum generation and the observed cumulative probability of success leads to the production of more reliable confidence intervals for our preferred method. Second, we show that confidence intervals(More)
— This paper looks at the statistics used to compare variations to the genetic programming method. Previous work in this area has been dominated by the use of mean best-of-run fitness and Koza's minimum computational effort. This article reintroduces a statistic we name success effort and analyses two methods to produce confidence intervals for the(More)
PROBLEMS In order to better understand the long-term impact of child sex abuse, this study examined the association between women's experience of abuse, health symptoms, and psychological distress in adulthood. There is limited information about child abuse outside the United States. METHODS Nine hundred sixty-one women participated in a structured(More)
We are delighted to be associated as guest editors with the publication of this special issue of the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences, in honour of our esteemed colleague Professor Jeffrey J. Hunter. This special issue marks Jeff 's retirement from Massey University, although Jeff plans to continue his research. It also acknowledges Jeff(More)
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