Howard E. Sturgis

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When a database is replicated at many sites, maintaining mutual consistency among the sites in the face of updates is a significant problem. This paper describes several randomized algorithms for distributing updates and driving the replicas toward consistency. The algorithms are very simple and require few guarantees from the underlying communication(More)
A formalism is presented for describing the actions of processors for programming languages—compilers, interpreters, assemblers—and their interactions in complex systems such as compiler-compilers or extendible languages. The formalism here might be used to define and answer such a question as “Can one do bootstrapping using a metacompiler(More)
The main features of a general purpose multiaccess operating system developed for the CDC 6400 at Berkeley are presented, and its good and bad points are discussed as they appear in retrospect. Distinctive features of the design were the use of capabilities for protection, and the organization of the system into a sequence of layers, each building on the(More)
This paper discusses an independent file facility, one that is <i>not</i> embedded in an operating system. The <i>distributed file system</i> (DFS) is so named because it is implemented on a cooperating set of <i>server</i> computers connected by a communications, network, which together create the illusion of a single, logical system for the creation,(More)
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