Howard E. Motteler

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We present a new technique for the fast computation of near-monochromatic atmospheric transmittances in the infrared, utilizing compressed lookup tables, that is well suited for nadir viewing satellite and airplane observations. The algorithm is very simple to use in radiative transfer codes and is easily adapted to provide analytic Jacobians of radiances.(More)
Two methods for performing clear-air temperature retrievals from simulated radiances for the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder are investigated. Neural networks are compared with a well-known linear method in which regression is performed after a change of bases. With large channel sets, both methods can rapidly perform clear-air retrievals over a variety of(More)
AbstructConsider a protocol specification represented as a fully specified Mealy automata, and the problem of testing an implementation for conformance to such a specification. No single sequence-based test can be completely reliable, if we allow for the possibility of an implementation with an unknown number of extra states. We define a hierarchy of test(More)
For common data flow schemes, the number of copies of tokens made during a computation is shown to be a Blum complexity measure.(1) Results from abstract complexity theory (see Ref. 2) then hold for the copy measure, indicating, for example, that any implementation of a data flow processor will be constrained by its ability to copy tokens. The copy measure(More)
An iteration system is a model of parallel computation, in which a state vector is repeatedly updated by a non-deterministically selected set of functions. Such a system converges from an initial state if after some sequence of transitions it thereafter remains in a set of desirable states. We consider both convergence to a xpoint and to a set of values,(More)