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A major challenge to increasing bandwidth in optical telecommunications is to encode electronic signals onto a lightwave carrier by modulating the light up to very fast rates. Polymer electro-optic materials have the necessary properties to function in photonic devices beyond the 40-GHz bandwidth currently available. An appropriate choice of polymers is(More)
A general strategy for fabricating thick, optically flat photopolymer recording media with high dynamic range (M/#) that exhibit low levels of recording-induced Bragg detuning for holographic data storage is presented. In particular, media with M/# values as high as 42 in 1-mm-thick formats are obtained. We believe that these results are the first(More)
BACKGROUND Silica nanoparticles (SiNPs) are being formulated for cellular imaging and for nonviral gene delivery in the central nervous system (CNS), but it is unclear what potential effects SiNPs can elicit once they enter the CNS. As the resident macrophages of the CNS, microglia are the cells most likely to respond to SiNP entry into the brain. Upon(More)
Organic field-effect transistors have been developed that function as either n-channel or p-channel devices, depending on the gate bias. The two active materials are alpha-hexathienylene (alpha-6T) and C(60). The characteristics of these devices depend mainly on the molecular orbital energy levels and transport properties of alpha-6T and C(60). The observed(More)
The thiophene oligomer alpha-hexathienylene (alpha-6T) has been successfully used as the active semiconducting material in thin-film transistors. Field-induced conductivity in thin-film transistors with alpha-6T active layers occurs only near the interfacial plane, whereas the residual conductivity caused by unintentional doping scales with the thickness of(More)
Humidity dependence of electrical performance of p-channel organic thin-film transistors ͑OTFTs͒ with various semiconductor compounds has been investigated. All devices showed decreased current output and mobility as the relative humidity ͑RH͒ was increased. The moisture sensitivity of the OTFT saturation current depends on the device geometry ͑bottom or(More)
Soft, conformable electrical contacts provide efficient, noninvasive probes for the transport properties of chemically and mechanically fragile, ultrathin organic semiconducting films. When combined with high-resolution printing and lamination techniques, these soft contacts also form the basis of a powerful technique for fabricating flexible plastic(More)
Polar orientation of molecules in solids leads to materials with potentially useful properties such as nonlinear optical and electrooptical activity, electrochromism, and pyroelectricity. A simple self-assembly procedure for preparing such materials is introduced that yields multiple polar dye monolayers on solid surfaces joined by zirconium(More)
Solution processed organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) usually have high on/off ratios but suffer from low mobilities, while transistors based on graphene usually exhibit very high mobilities but low on/off ratios. We demonstrate a straightforward route to solve the challenging problem of enhancing the effective mobility in OFETs while keeping the(More)