Howard E. Erdman

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Ozone, a highly reactive three-atom allotrope of oxygen, is formed in high concentrations in various kinds of microenvironments, including electron microscopes, office copy machines, and X-ray devices. Mutagenicity and action modus operandi of ozone suggest its radiomimetic property. In order to test for ozone-induced dominant lethals in Drosophila virilis,(More)
The effects on productivity by the addition of various numbers of radiated adult males or females to populations of two densities were determined for two species of flour beetles. Modifications in productivity after exposure to gamma radiation from60Co included: 1) females ofT. confusum were sterilized by an exposure between 2620 to 5230 R. 2) females ofT.(More)
Abundance, distribution and dispersal of organisms depend on genetic composition, environmental factors and their interactions. Individuals within populations constantly explore new environments and under favorable conditions with appropriate gene pools, maximum exploitation occurs. Knowledge of population fitness measurements is essential to the study of(More)