Howard E. Aldrich

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here are some things that we discuss only with people who are very close to us. These important topics may vary with the situation or the person—we may ask for help, probe for information, or just use the person as a sounding board for important decisions—but these are the people who make up our core network of confidants. How have these discussion networks(More)
H eedless of Madonna’s warning, Paul Hirsch urged me to use this occasion as an opportunity to preach a bit. The Organization and Management Theory (OMT) division gave me a great platform from which to put forward my sense of where we are, what we’ve accomplished, and where we have fallen short. Three decades ago, I was the first associate editor of the(More)
Darwin himself suggested the idea of generalizing the core Darwinian principles to cover the evolution of social entities. Also in the nineteenth century, influential social scientists proposed their extension to political society and economic institutions. Nevertheless, misunderstanding and misrepresentation have hindered the realization of the powerful(More)
The network construct in entrepreneurship research: a review and critique Aodheen O’Donnell Audrey Gilmore Darryl Cummins David Carson Article information: To cite this document: Aodheen O’Donnell Audrey Gilmore Darryl Cummins David Carson, (2001),"The network construct in entrepreneurship research: a review and critique", Management Decision, Vol. 39 Iss 9(More)
We examine institutional and organizational influences upon information exchange and governance structures within R&D consortia in the United States and Japan. We hypothesized that national differences in institutional environments would lead to less active governance and information-exchange activities within Japanese R&D consortia relative to their U.S.(More)
The beginning of a new millennium provides a welcome opportunity to take stock of the accomplishments, open questions, and most promising research avenues of evolutionary models in management and organization theory. Johann Peter Murmann has invited Howard Aldrich, Daniel Levinthal, and Sidney Winter to appraise the state of the art in evolutionary research(More)
We test the theory that personal financial resources are an important factor in becoming an entrepreneur. Using data from the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED), we examined the role of financial resources (e.g., household income and wealth) and human capital (e.g., education, prior work and entrepreneurial experience, and influence from(More)