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One of the criteria that relates to information quality in information manufacturing systems is the method or model used for modelling these systems. In essence, an information manufacturing system includes information, processes that consume/produce information and organisational responsibilities for the management of processes (responsibility) and(More)
The following paper summarise some aspects of current study programmes in Information Systems and focuses on Business Informatics. The success of business informatics derives from the benefits that arise when business administration concepts are integrated with computer science technologies and software engineering principles to form a coherent(More)
With over a decade of Software Process Improvement in large organisations, the awareness of its importance has propagated to Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The most well known models for SPI are primarily suited for large-or medium-sized organisations, but with some tailoring they can provide substantial support for SPI in small organisations. The(More)
Through interviews with experienced IS and software project managers, we identify the strategies that these project managers would recommend to others for addressing a range of serious client-based " people-problems. " The problems we focus on include: unrealistic customer expectations; lack of real ownership of the project; disagreement on project goals;(More)
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