Howard Berger

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OBJECTIVE To assess whether abdominal adiposity in early pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of glucose intolerance at a later gestational stage. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Subcutaneous and visceral fat was measured with ultrasonography at approximately 12 weeks' gestation. A 50-g glucose challenge test (GCT) was performed between 24 and 28 weeks'(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantitate umbilical vascular coiling antenatally, and to correlate the coiling index with Doppler flow characteristics in umbilical vessels. METHODS We studied 45 normal term fetuses within 24 hours before delivery. The umbilical coiling index was calculated using sonographic longitudinal views of cord vessels from several segments(More)
Caucasians in this study group presented in the chronic stage of sarcoidosis more frequently than the Blacks and Puerto-Rican-born. 2) Twenty-eight percent of the Caucasians and 26% of the Blacks who presented in the chronic stage of sarcoidosis, died of pulmonary insufficiency. 3) Puerto-Rican-born women are especially prone to present with erythema(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to compare the International Association of Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group (IADPSG) and the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) criteria for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). STUDY DESIGN This was a retrospective cohort study involving all pregnant women who underwent screening for GDM at a(More)
OBJECTIVE Research conducted outside Canada suggests that preeclampsia (PET) may be more common among certain ethnic groups. A limitation to prior studies is that they did not distinguish between immigrant and non-immigrant women; they also included women with mild PET arising near term, the clinical importance of which is debatable. We created the term(More)