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Experience with 20 cases of chordoma is summarized. Three of four intracranial tumors presented as sellar tumors. The clivus remained intact for 2, 3 1/2, and 4 years, respectively, in three patients despite extensive destructive lesions of the sellar region. Our data and those of others indicate that approximately half the patients with chordomas have(More)
A function of the spine as a structural column is its ability to resist torsion. The goal of this study was to evaluate the contribution of the columns of the spine to torsional rigidity. Ten human cadaver spines were harvested and frozen. The specimens, consisting of segments from T11 to S1, were subjected to torsional loads of up to 20 N-m. Rotation was(More)
Pulmonary disorders occur in 25 to 47 per cent of the patients with Sjogren's Syndrome. These are of two types: 1. related to the major connective tissue disorders which commonly accompany this syndrome, and 2. secondary to the peculiar underlying pathology of Sjogren's Syndrome i.e. sicca disorders of the lung. The latter is the more frequent type,(More)
Acute compartment syndrome subsequent to high velocity trauma and motor vehicle accidents causing fractures and significant soft trauma in the extremities has been reported in the literature. Compartment syndrome also has been reported to occur after prolonged decubitus position while in the lithotomy position in gynecological patients as well in(More)
Double contrast arthrography of the knee is the method of choice for visualization of the menisci, while the single positive contrast technique is the preferred method for evaluation of the cruciate ligaments. A technique is described which combines the advantages of these two methods. Following radiography of the menisci, an essentially single positive(More)
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