Howard Barnes

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Since 1946 104 children and adolescents with toxic diffuse goiter have been treated. Sixty-seven were treated with a thioamide for more than 12 months. Remission occurred in 61%. Twenty-five patients had a 12-hour perchlorate discharge test to determine the least frequent dose schedule required for disease control: 68% could be controlled on a single daily(More)
Two patients with proximal muscle weakness and marked elevations of serum muscle enzymes were initially believed to have polymyositis; however electromyography and muscle biopsies were normal. Both patients were subsequently found to have hypothyroidism. Each regained her muscle strength, and serum enzymes normalized with thyroid hormone replacement.(More)
The therapy of Crohn's disease in adolescence must balance the natural disease history of growth suppression, debilitation, and progression against possible drug-related adverse effects on growth and development. In contrast to published guidelines which usually suggest episodic and symptomatic treatment of relapses, we have attempted to suppress disease(More)
Twenty-two hirsute women underwent percutaneous adrenal and ovarian vein catheterization to differentiate and localize excessive hormonal output. All studies were done under fluoroscopic control; catheter placement was verified by venography, and blood samples were withdrawn for hormonal analysis. The right ovarian vein was successfully sampled in 42 per(More)
Two-generation programs are relatively new attempts to deal with the nation's social ills. In two-generation programs, services such as early childhood educational programs are offered to children to help them get the best possible start in life, while, at the same time, parents are offered training to help enhance their parenting skills, and education,(More)
In response to Virginia's need for an increased supply of generalist physicians, the state's three medical schools--Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, and the University of Virginia School of Medicine--have formed a partnership with key governmental stakeholders in the Virginia Generalist Initiative funded(More)
The experiences of medical students, residents, and faculty with a computerized literature searching system were evaluated. Third-year medical students, internal medicine and family practice residents, and full-time and voluntary faculty at one medical school had the opportunity to use a full-text and bibliographic medical literature retrieval system free(More)
While family professionals have maintained that communication is a very critical aspect of healthy family relationships, there have been few scales that have been developed to assess family communication. In the mid-eighties, Howard Barnes and David Olson (1985) developed the Parent-Adolescent Communication scale which had separate scales for the parents(More)