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A comparison of 13 vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists with 14 nonvegetarian Adventists revealed relatively few statistically significant differences in fecal flora. A separate study involved a comparison of vegetarian Adventists (49 subjects), nonvegetarian Adventists (45), and non-Adventists on a conventional American diet (31) re: the incidence of the C.(More)
Candida osteomyelitis of the spine and intervertebral disc developed in three patients without evidence of back trauma of overlying cutaneous infection. Two patients were prone to the development of disseminated candidiasis by the use of multiple antibiotics and other predisposing modalities following abdominal surgery. One patient had no identifiable cause(More)
Bacteriodes meningitis without associated cerebral abscess occurred in an elderly man who had a long history of chronic otitis media. Anaerobic cultures of the cerebrospinal fluid revealed bacteroides organisms. Sensitivity testing showed them to be resistant to penicillin and chloramphenicol but sensitive to metronidazole. Appropriate therapy with this(More)
We studied an outbreak of hepatitis A in a day-care center in a rural community where less than 7 per cent of the population possessed anti-HAV. Serotesting for IgM specific antibody to hepatitis A virus identified 78 cases in center attendees, staff, and families. Thirty-five per cent of the center children were seropositive. In children under age three(More)
An on-line digital computer processing system is considered in which an ordinary telephone is the complete terminal device, input to the computer being provided as a sequence of spoken words, and output to the user being audio responses from the machine. The feasibility of implementing such a system with a FORTRAN-like algebraic compiler as the object(More)