How-Wing Leung

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The use of alternative 5' splice sites in the simian virus 40 early-transcription unit controls the ratio of large T to small t antigen during viral infection. To study the regulation of these alternative 5' splice sites, we made two mutants which improve the match of the large-T-antigen 5' splice site to the 5' splice site consensus sequence. Whether these(More)
We have used extrachromosomal substrates carrying immunoglobulin heavy-chain S mu and S gamma 3 switch region sequences to study activation and targeting of recombination by a transcriptional enhancer element. Substrates are transiently introduced into activated primary murine B cells, in which recombination involving S-region sequences deletes a(More)
We have developed a sensitive genetic assay to analyze DNA sequences and regulatory elements required for immunoglobulin heavy chain isotype switch recombination. Recombination substrates containing mu and gamma 3 chain switch (S)-region sequences, S mu and S gamma 3, are transiently introduced into primary murine B cells cultured with lipopolysaccharide to(More)
Thrombolysis using tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) has been the key treatment for patients with acute ischemic stroke for the past decade. Recent studies, however, suggest that this clot-busting protease also plays various roles in brain physiological and pathophysiological glutamatergic-dependent processes, such as synaptic plasticity and(More)
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