Hovsep Avedissian

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The Rho signaling pathway regulates the cytoskeleton and motility and plays an important role in neuronal growth inhibition. Here we demonstrate that inactivation of Rho or its downstream target Rho-associated kinase (ROK) stimulated neurite growth in primary cells of cortical neurons plated on myelin or chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan substrates.(More)
The influence of stereochemistry and alkyl side chain length on the bioactivity of the Rho kinase inhibitor Y-27632 [(+)-1, R=Me] was examined by the synthesis of (+)- and (-)-1, and two alkyl chain analogs (+)- and (-)-2 (R=n-propyl) and (-)-3 (R=n-octyl) as well as their evaluation in enzymatic and neurite outgrowth assays.
The efficient total synthesis of asimicin, 1, and bullatacin, 2, has demonstrated the advantages of three different strategies for the synthesis of the tricyclic intermediates 6 and 7, which represent the key fragment of the bis-THF Annonaceous acetogenins. The naked carbon skeleton strategy is based on the production of all asymmetric centers by selective(More)
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