Houssine Chetto

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Abmw&-Task scheduling is an important issue in the design of a renl-timc computer system because tasks have execution deadlines that must be met, otherwise the system fails with severe consequences upon the environment. In this paper, we study the problem of scheduling periodic time critical tasks on a monoprocessor system. A periodic time critkal task(More)
While scheduling theory has been developed over a long period of time, it is important to note that most results concern problems with static characteristics. However, a real-time system is dynamic and requires on-line and adaptive scheduling strategies. So, an important aspect of real-time systems research is to devise methods flexible enough to react to a(More)
Guaranteeing that time critical tasks will meet their timing constraints is an important aspect of real-time systems research. Indeed, a real time system is dynamic and consequently requires on -line and adaptive scheduling strategies. In this paper, we survey and extend results on scheduling hard deadline periodic and sporadic tasks on the monoprocessor(More)
Conventional databases are mainly characterized by their strict data consistency requirements. Database systems for real-time applications must satisfy timing constraints associated with transactions. In this paper a novel disk scheduling algorithm for real-time database system is proposed. The main objective of this paper is to initiate an enquiry in Disk(More)
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