Houssam Haitof

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SCADA systems allow users to monitor and/or control physical devices, processes and events remotely. As these systems are critical to industrial processes, they are often run on highly reliable and dedicated hardware. Moving these SCADA systems to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, allows for: cheaper deployments, system redundancy support, and(More)
Industrial systems are more and more dominated by software. In addition, this software is present across several compute domains, from decentralized edge to centralized datacenters and clouds. While the productivity of application lifecycle management has tremendously improved in the area of cloud computing, there is no homogeneous and seamless environment(More)
The management cost of the IT infrastructure can be very high, affecting considerably the IT infrastructure return of investment and rising dramatically the outlay for IT services. Most of this cost can be related to the high complexity of managing a heterogeneous pool of IT resources. In addition, the high dependability of IT management on the human factor(More)
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