Houssam Fakih

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Component-Based Software Development (CBSD) swears software reuse but it suffers from code scattering and tangling. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) deals with these problems. We present in this paper, Fractal-AOP, an add-on to the Fractal component model that combines AOP and CBSD into an overall model. Combining is achieved by applying AOP principles on(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate if the previously reported increased implantation rates in hormonally replaced egg donation cycles relative to hyperstimulated IVF-ET cycles apply when GIFT is used. The increased implantation rates in the recipients have been attributed to the absence of the negative effects of hyperstimulation on endometrial receptivity. DESIGN A(More)
The integration of AOSD and CBSD is a complex task that can be subdivided into three facets. 1. Facet 1 consists in componentizing aspects. That means representing each aspect as a single reusable component. Basic characteristics of a component include attributes, provided and required services. The challenge is to map these characteristics on aspects. We(More)
RÉSUMÉ. La programmation par composants logiciels promet la réutilisation, mais elle est sujette aux problèmes de dispersion et de mélange de code représentant des propriétés transversales. L’application de la programmation par aspects (AOP) sur les composants logiciels permet de faire face à ces problèmes. Nous présentons dans ce papier FRACTAL-AOP, une(More)
Ultrasonographically guided transvaginal aspiration of ovarian cysts in women with severe OHSS after GIFT or IVF was safe and has resulted in immediate relief of symptoms, a shorter disease process, and outpatient treatment. The patients were allowed to go back to normal activity after the procedure. The progression of the disease was interrupted and six of(More)
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