Houria Rebbah

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The crystal structure of the title compound, NH4[In(HPO3)2], is built up from In(III) cations (site symmetry 3m.) adopting an octa-hedral environment and two different phosphite anions (each with site symmetry 3m.) exhibiting a triangular-pyramidal geometry. Each InO6 octa-hedron shares its six apices with hydrogen phosphite groups. Reciprocally, each HPO3(More)
The title synthesized hypophosphite has the formula V(H(2)PO(2))(3). Its structure is based on VO(6) octahedra and (H(2)PO(2))(-) pseudo-tetrahedra. The asymmetric unit contains two crystallographically distinct V atoms and six independent (H(2)PO(2))(-) groups. The connection of the polyhedra generates [VPO(6)H(2)](6-) chains extended along a, b and c,(More)
Single crystals of octaiodine henacosarsenic pentacosagermanium were grown by chemical transport reactions. The structure is isotypic with the analogous clathrates-I. In this structure, the statistically occupied clathrand atoms (As,Ge)(46) form bonds in a distorted tetra-hedral coordination and their arrangement can define two polyhedra of different sizes;(More)
The title compound is a new mixed alkali/3d metal phosphite. It exhibits a layered structure formed by linear Mn(3)O(12) trimer units which contain face-sharing MnO(6) octahedra interconnected by (HPO(3))(2-) phosphite oxoanions. The K(+) cations located between the anionic [Mn(3)(HPO(3))(4)](2-) sheets are ninefold coordinated. The presence of the alkaline(More)
The title compound, hexapotassium octairon(II,III) dodecaphosphonate, exhibiting a two-dimensional structure, is a new mixed alkali/3d metal phosphite. It crystallizes in the space group R3m, with two crystallographically independent Fe atoms occupying sites of 3m (Fe1) and 3m (Fe2) symmetry. The Fe2 site is fully occupied, whereas the Fe1 site presents an(More)
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