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—In this paper, thermoelastic damping (TED) in trench-refilled (TR) polysilicon microelectromechanical beam resonators is studied as a mechanism for limiting quality factor () at low frequencies. An approximate model based on Zener's theory is developed and verified by numerical simulations in FEMLAB. According to the proposed model a double-dip(More)
— This paper reports on the design, implementation, and characterization of high-density trench-refilled capacitors in complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) grade silicon (1–10 cm). High aspect ratio trench-refilled capacitors offer a capacitance density improvement of three orders of magnitude compared to thin-film capacitors with the same die(More)
The distribution of the transverse energy in jets has been measured in p p collisions at p s = 1:8 TeV using the DD detector at Fermilab. This measurement of the jet shape is made as a function of jet transverse energy in both the central and forward rapidity regions. Jets are observed to narrow both with increasing transverse energy and with increasing(More)
The gauge boson pair production processes W␥, WW, WZ, and Z␥ were studied using p p ¯ collisions corresponding to an integrated luminosity of approximately 14 pb Ϫ1 at a center-of-mass energy of ͱsϭ1.8 TeV. Analysis of W␥ production with subsequent W boson decay to l ␯ (l ϭe,␮) is reported, including a fit to the p T spectrum of the photons which leads to(More)
— The paper reports a CMOS Interface IC designed for electrostatic actuation and read-out a 6MHz Silicon Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) gyroscope. The supporting electronics for a high quality factor (Q>100,000) BAW gyroscope include: an electro-mechanical drive oscillator loop to excite the gyroscope, a low noise transimpedance front-end that offers gain of(More)
This paper presents a search for production of a hypothetical heavy particle X in association with a W boson. For the search presented here, the kinematics and acceptances are modelled under the assumption that the X particle has the spin and decay properties of the standard model Higgs boson with the modiication that only X ! bb decays are allowed. The W(More)
This paper introduces the design and implementation of center-supported bulk acoustic wave (BAW) disk resonators on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates. The use of a SOI substrate enables implementation of single crystal silicon disk resonators and provides electrical isolation between the disk and the substrate. A center-supported 800tm in diameter(More)
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