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Generally speaking, citation relationship among authors can be divided into 3 types: co-citation, coupling and cross-citation. Since author co-citation analysis was first introduced in 1982, it has been widely applied to study discipline structure, research state and research trends. Afterwards, conception of author bibliographic-coupling analysis was put(More)
Context of altmetrics data is essential for further understanding value of altmetrics beyond raw counts. Mainly two facets of context are explored, the count type which reflects user’s multiple altmetrics behaviors and user category which reflects part of user’s background. Based on 5.18 records provided by Altmetric.com, both descriptive statistics and t(More)
We analyse and compare the difference in discipline level of the received citations over a period of time and across fields in China by implementing the diachronous methods of bibliometrics. The citations of 896,645 papers from the Chinese Citation Database (1994 to 2013) that comprised four disciplines, namely, Philosophy, Library and Information Science(More)
Average journal impact factor (JIF) percentile is a novel bibliometric indicator introduced by Thomson Reuters. It’s of great significance to study the characteristics of its data distribution and relationship with other bibliometric indicators, in order to assess its usefulness as a new bibliometric indicator. The research began by analyzing the meaning of(More)
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