Houman Sadjadian

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Neural Network Model Predictive Control (NN-MPC) combines reliable prediction of neural network with excellent performance of model predictive control using nonlinear Levenberg-Marquardt optimization. It is shown that this structure is prone to steady-state error when external disturbances enter or actual system varies from its model. In this paper, these(More)
This paper presents a new tuning strategy for Generalized Predictive Controllers (GPC) based on Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). This strategy is derived for Second Order plus Dead Time (SOPDT) models of an industrial plant. Moreover, SOPDT modeling allows oscillating modes to be included in the model dynamics. The tuning strategy employs a simple expression(More)
Among numerous torque-based control strategies proposed for flexible joint robot manipulators in the literature, a basic incorrect assumption is that torque can be exerted to manipulator link directly; so the actuator dynamics is not taken into account. In this paper a voltage-based technique for control of flexible joint robot manipulator actuated by(More)
the most important factor for a mobile robot is navigation. Success in localization is one of the four requirements of navigation which includes perception, localization, cognition and motion control. Localization is usually done in two ways: global localization problem and position tracking problem. In the global localization problem the robot does not(More)
Vibration reduces the ability of a camera to detect far-away targets that lead to the use of stabilized platforms. Despite much research on stabilized platforms, the need for more accurate systems still exists as a consequence of sensor resolution improvements. In this article, a multiple-model adaptive controller is designed for a single-axis system. There(More)
In this paper a new method for noise cancellation in a class of wavelet based multiresolution controllers is proposed. Noise cancelation is based on hard thresholding of detail signals in the decomposition stage of the controller. We took advantage of the fact that noise mainly affects high frequency contents of the error signal that is used by the(More)
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