Houman Andersen

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A biting behavior in the Moroccan pond tortoise (Clemmys caspica leprósa) after apomorphine administration is described. The biting behavior was antagonized by the specific anti-dopaminergic drug haloperidol (10 mg/kg) and trifluperazine (15 mg/kg). The behavior was compared to similar behaviors in birds and mammals. The dopamine metabolites, homovanillic(More)
With the single-channel patch-clamp technique we have identified Ca2+-sensitive, high-conductance (maxi) K+ channels in the basolateral membrane (BLM) of exocrine gland cells in frog skin. Under resting conditions, maxi K+ channels were normally quiescent, but they were activated by muscarinic agonists or by high serosal K+. In excised inside-out patches(More)
The drug l-deprenyl has been reported to have antidepressant properties, and in the present study three possible mechanisms of action were investigated in animal experiments. l-Deprenyl, which is a type B monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor, was compared to clorgyline, an MAO A inhibitor with regard to its inhibitory effect on the formation of three major(More)
This paper discusses change management in networks. The literature on business networks tends to downplay the role of managerial initiative underlying the proactive attempts of single actors to install network changes. The change management literature addresses such managerial initiative, however, with its single firm perspective overlooks the(More)
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