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This letter presents an adaptive denoising method based on the singular value decomposition (SVD). By incorporating a global subspace analysis into the scheme of local basis selection, the problems of previous adaptive methods are effectively tackled. Experimental results show that the proposed method achieves outstanding preservation of image details, and(More)
Aiming at path planning of mobile robot under part of dynamic unknown environment, there are some shortages in the aspects of produce of initial population and the structure of specific genetic operator in current used genetic algorithms. In this paper, using the position feedback and forecast of moving direction of obstacle, we present a new method of(More)
The feasibility of compressed-sensing-based (CS) waveform reconstruction for data sampled from the random equivalent sampling (RES) method is investigated. RES is a wellknown random sampling method that samples high-frequency periodic signals using low-frequency sampling circuits. It has been incorporated in modern digital oscilloscopes. However, the(More)
The IEEE 802.16 standard is supposed to provide a wide-range broadband wireless service, but it leaves the implementation of the wireless resource scheduler as an open issue. We have studied the scheduling problem and propose a two level scheduling (TLS) scheme with support for quality of service and fairness guarantees for downlink traffic in a WiMAX(More)
Advanced clock synchronization is a basic requirement of significant importance for the wireless distributed system (WDS). IEEE 1588 standard defines a high precision clock synchronization protocol in measurement and control systems. In this paper, an excellent time synchronization scheme for WDS based on the IEEE 1588 standard is proposed. The application(More)