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It has been suggested that histamine contributes to lethal circulatory collapse after acute superior mesenteric artery occlusion. The activity of the histamine inactivating enzyme diamine oxidase, the release of the amine, and the effect of histamine receptor antagonists was therefore studied in rabbits. The main results were: (a) Diamine oxidase activity(More)
In patients with shock the metabolism and O2-function of the erythrocytes were studied following separation according to cell-age by density layer centrifugation using a new supporting medium. Metabolic acidosis in patients with postoperative shock (n=8) and in patients with shock due to severe congestive heart failure (n=12) provoked decreased levels of(More)
For an 80-fold purified preparation of human intestinal diamine oxidase the optimum conditions of incubation, the substrate and the inhibitor specificity were tested. Putrescine was the most favoured substrate but N tau-methylhistamine and 2-methylhistamine were metabolized at optimum conditions with nearly the same velocity. Histamine reached about 50% of(More)
Histamine, naturally methylated histamine and putrescine are good substrates for human intestinal diamine oxidase, N-Methyl-N-formylhydrazine, the constituent of the mashroom poison-gyromitrin is an inhibitor of human intestinal diamine oxidase. Burimamide inhibits more effectively mammalian intestinal diamine oxidases than pea seedling diamine oxidase,(More)
This report is a retrospective evaluation of 12 case histories. All patients had been subjected to laparotomy on suspicion of acute appendicitis. The operative situations seemed to corroborate clinical expectations: an inflamed ileocecal process was assumed to be a result of performation of a gangrenous appendicitis. In three patients a primary(More)
Elevated intraluminal pressure of rabbit small bowel induces a decrease of tissue pO2 of the bowel wall dependent on the applied pressure. After decompression local pO2 exceeds the initial pO2 values. While the i.v. application of 25 microgram/kg glucagon is not able to improve local oxygen supply of the distended bowel, local pO2 increases considerably(More)
  • H Richter
  • 1978
One of the stated goals of the abdominal surgeon is to find a sure prophylaxis for the threat of ileus due to adhesions. The numerous conservative methods, such as intra-abdominal dispensing of campher oil, olive oil, etc., are viewed in relation to the operative procedures of small intestine plication according to Nobel and mesenteric plication according(More)