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— This paper presents a realistic characterization of the channel holding time in an operating GSM network covering an urban area. Our approach is entirely statistical: the data set to be fitted has been provided by the OMC (Operations and Maintenance Center). The Kolmogorov Smirnov goodness of fit test is used in order to test the suitability of the(More)
— As mobile networks are growing fast in size and complexity, radio network resource planning needs to be optimized to cope with both increased traffic demand and spectrum scarcity. Although, many studies have been carried on in mobile networks planning in terms of traffic distribution analysis and mobility modeling, relatively few studies have been(More)
In this paper, we focus our attention on the BER computing for WLAN network under realistic conditions. On one hand, the propagation models provide the received power at given location, on the other hand, the mobility models describe the movement behaviour of nodes. Our approach consists on the combination of the propagation and mobility models in order to(More)
In the idea to create a realistic model of mobility and traffic for the networks of 3rd and 4th generation, we have studied many techniques of modeling and planning. Our choice was for the real network traces exploitation techniques, mainly because compared to other techniques this technique is very adapted to the real modeling. Although this technique is(More)
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