Houda Derbel

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In this paper we propose various neighborhood search heuristics (VNS) for solving the location routing problem with multiple capacitated depots and one uncapacitated vehicle per depot. The objective is to find depot locations and to design least cost routes for vehicles. We integrate a variable neighborhood descent as the local search in the general(More)
In this work, we present a variable neighborhood search for solving a capacitated location routing problem with capacitated depots and a capacitated homogenous vehicle fleet in order to minimize the location and routing cost. We present the basic elements for this purpose and implement the variable neighborhood search algorithm using the variable(More)
We consider the neighborhood tree induced by alternating the use of different neighborhood structures within a local search descent. We investigate the issue of designing a search strategy operating at the neighborhood tree level by exploring different paths of the tree in a heuristic way. We show that allowing the search to 'backtrack' to a previously(More)
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