Houari Sahraoui

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Model transformation (MT) has become an important concern in software engineering. In addition to its role in model-driven development, it is useful in many other situations such as measurement, refactoring, and test-case generation. Roughly speaking, MT aims to derive a target model from a source model by following some rules or principles. So far, the(More)
Software defects often lead to bugs, runtime errors and software maintenance difficulties. They should be systematically prevented, found, removed or fixed all along the software lifecycle. However, detecting and fixing these defects is still, to some extent, a difficult, time-consuming and manual process. In this paper, we propose a two-step automated(More)
The presence of code-smells increases significantly the cost of maintenance of systems and makes them difficult to change and evolve. To remove code-smells, refactoring operations are used to improve the design of a system by changing its internal structure without altering the external behavior. In large-scale systems, the number of code-smells to fix can(More)
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